Defend the craft!

As small brewery owners, we want is the chance to maintain control over the businesses that we built. Succeed or fail, we want our destinies to be just that, our own. Right now, state law is preventing that. Help us change it.

The Nevada Craft Brewers are supporting a bill in the Nevada Legislature, SB130. The simple idea behind SB130 is to raise the production limit of Nevada’s brewpubs to 30,000 barrels per year. This would allow a business to invest in itself, grow, create Nevada jobs, pay more Nevada taxes, and, most importantly, SELL MORE BEER to Nevada’s distributors! Our distributor partners then get that beer to you at your favorite bars, restaurants, and retailers. Win, Win for Nevada!

Click HERE to tell the legislature you support Nevada Craft Brewers and SB130.

Suggestions for comment:
The current limit of 15,000 barrels a year for brew pubs is both arbitrary and damaging. Brew pubs in other western states aren’t hindered by artificial limits. This bill allows for a more vibrant culture around craft beer and local business.


Limiting production limits business which thwarts economic growth. A sound government should not limit the amount a business should grow.

The craft beer industry has contributed to the return of local manufacturing jobs and a rekindling of the entrepreneurial spirit of Nevada. Both results are positive changes for our communities

If you want to tell your legislator directly, click HERE. You can locate your state representative and send them an e-mail or call their office to support SB130.